Manage Services

OS/Platform Manage Services

In order to meet the immediate needs of mission-critical enterprise systems, we offer a service that simplifies the complex mix of people, processes, technologies and planning that keeps platforms online. It’s the kind of Operating System maintenance that allows you to get the kids, switch off your smartphone and go away to the countryside. We provides highly skilled and experienced resources to manage your IT for your Production, UAT, DEV and Internal IT environments. Depending upon your procurement needs we can provide manage services for the following OS:

  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • VMware & Oracle VM
  • Windows Server
  • RedHat Linux
  • Oracle Solaris
  • Oracle Linux

Storage Manage Services

Any type of failure in storage performance has a direct and immediate impact on the business. Our Storage Manage Services provides a comprehensive storage performance monitoring and management which ensure that your storage network is running at prime speed and efficiency. Also, we identifies trends, hot spots, project capacity requirements and growth rates, as well as recommends and configures best practices to the enterprise storage platform. We cover the following Storage products:

Backup Manage Services

Our Backup Manage Services provides multiple levels of protection from backing up locally to disk, including digital offsite vaulting to a different data center, and/or long term vaulting options to tape media. Our support include all the infrastructure, technology, processes, management services, and expertise needed to eliminate the complexities associated with backup and restore routines. Because we manages your backup infrastructure, you can focus on managing your business. We support the following backup software including VTL:

  • Symantec NetBack
  • Symantec BackupExec
  • EMC Legato
  • Data Domain VTL
  • FalconStor VTL
  • ExaGrid VTL

Network Manage Services

Our Network Manage services help you simplify network and IT operations, lower the total cost of network ownership, and accelerate adoption of advanced technologies while retaining visibility and control. By out-tasking proactive monitoring and management of your network infrastructure in alignment with industry standard processes such as ITIL® and eTOM. We can::

  • Solve your problems faster and effectively.
  • Manage your network, aligned to ITIL standards.
  • Global 24-hour user defined out-tasking support.
  • Mnage your risk and forecast the growth
  • Manage incidents management and provide reports.
  • Provide advanced technologies & Tools adoption for your network.
  • Certified high level of domain expertise and experience.
  • Provide higher quality end-user experience

Our Cloud Services

High Performance Cloud

Designed for environments such as social networks or other applications with large numbers of users, this snappy 3-tier cluster is scalable up and out to several million requests per sec, with full use of services like DB, e-mail, secure protocols, etc.. We’ll even throw in full managed services, so you don’t need to worry about infrastructure at all!.

Dedicated Private Cloud

The advent of the term “Cloud Computing” leveraged the supply of infrastructure as a service. Wow! This service offers customers a “pay as you go” model on top of physical high performance servers, partitioned into multiple layers, each containing appropriate resources like OS, users or storage. Sliced just how you like it, scalable up and out, on demand.

Share Secure Cloud

This service is designed for companies that do not have their own servers, and/or want more flexibility in the choice of setups. We provide a dedicated environment and a full match with your requirements, whatever they are. Fast, secure connections, IP addresses, redundant power. All that and a bag of chips. And you can mix this with other services.