Management Team

N. Khan
N. Khan is an IT Professional with 15yrs+ experience working in IT & Telecom Manage Services.
Golam Mahbub
Golam is a Unix & Network expert experienced 20yrs+ on Network support at Malaysia.
S. Khan
S. Khan is an Marketing Professional with 18yrs+ experienced in MNC covering FSI/Telco at Bangladesh.
Rashidul lslam
Rashid is a Services Specialist with 15yrs+ experience covering Telco & Banking Solution at Australia.

Business Team

Mamun Khan
Mamun is an Business Specialist working in 10yrs+ experienced in IT/VOS & WHM at Singapore.
Salauddin Shah
Salauddin is an Sales & marketing Professional with 5yrs+ experienced in IT & Telecom sector .
Saidur Rahman
Saidur covering Sales, Logistics with 10yrs+ experienced in IT product delivery & customs handling.
Muminul Islam
Mumin 8yrs+ experienced technical support in Telecom/Banking/Health Care/IT and project delivery.

Marketing & Public Relation

Eva Phua
Eva is dynamic, action-oriented marketing professional with more than 10 years of experience in the enterprise IT in Europe.
Huong Nguyen
Huong based in Singapore managing company brand and raising customer confidence about our product & services.
Shahidaul Islam
Shahidaul 3yrs experienced, responsible marketing, branding and bringing business beyond company expectation.
Nasrin Farid
Nasrin 5yrs experience be pro-active communication officer who take care of company brand, public relation and customer engagement.

Support Team

Ibrahim Kamal
Ibrahim is an Telecom expert managing large customer and covering customer escalation from our delivery team.
Rajib Reawaken
Rajib is an Professional Service expert with 3yrs+ experienced in providing quality service for our key customer.
Kamrul Ahsan
Kamrul is an IT expert with 5yrs+ experienced in Solution for Enterprise IT and experience on RedHat, Windows & Virtualization.
Atik Khan
Atik is an Programmer with 8yrs+ experienced in software development. He also expart on RedHat, Oracle, MySQL & Php.
Rockybul Islam Khan
Rocky is an Apps developer working in 5yrs+ experienced in Web & Mobile apps development.
Sanny is an Passionate System Engineer with 4yrs+ experienced on System Installation and Support.
Tanvin Islam
Tanvin is an IT expert with 3yrs+ experienced Linux System admin and Web Developments.
Shariful Islam
Sharif is an System Engr with 2yrs+ experienced in Linux &  Windows Server Administration.

HR & Finance Team

Shahida Islam
Shahida is an HR Professional with 12yrs+ experience at Care, WHO, MetroNet at Bangladesh.
Ataur Rahman
Ataur Rahman is a Finance Adviser worked in varies Govt organization at Bangladesh.
Sharmin Khandaker
Sharmin experienced in IT/ Telecom/Infra sales & marketing in Bangladesh & Italy.
Rasel Uddin
Rasel is a Banker and he work hard to make sure team are happy to achieve 100% result.

Our Clients