Next Technologies IPTV is a new breed of TV service that can help Telco operators to stay ahead of the competition and sustain their long term success. Next’s IPTV supports not only conventional broadcast television as per cable and satellite operators, but also personalized on-demand services and interactive entertainments that can drive revenue for Telco operators – such as TV on Demand (ToD), Personal Video Recording (PVR), online gaming, and online shopping (T-commerce) services. Our solution also offers consumers full control over where, when and how content can be viewed, creating a high level of service personalization and an enriched viewer experience.

Future-proof Investment

  • Responds rapidly to the evolving business environment and technology development
  • The modular-based integrated headend platform provides outstanding flexibility that allows service operators to quickly adopt new technologies and introduce new service offerings
  • The ‘best of breed’ standard solution allows the easy adoption of late-breaking technology options.

Cost Effective

  • Highly scalable and integrated headend platform that allows decreasing cost per channel as the number of subscribers increases
  • Soft-client based content protection approach allows services to be rolled-out in cost effective ways
  • The flexible configuration allows the system’s structure to be based on a subscriber/revenue basis.

ROI Aware

  • Next’s IPTV Solution’s unique Headline on Demand (HoD) allows operators to offer an on-demand experience to their viewers without incurring an on-demand sizing of infrastructure; rather, operators can focus their spending on revenue-generating traffic

Next’s hybrid IP set-top box (STB) solutions enable manufacturers to develop a complete range of single and multi-room IPTV solutions. Select from a number of highly integrated solutions to build hybrid IP set-top boxes that deliver multimedia services over IP based networks from basic standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD) download and play, to streaming video-on-demand (VoD), Web browsing and widget support for whole-home digital video recorder (DVR) and other advanced media sharing applications.


Our Solution diagram:

Next IPTV Solution diag


Leveraging on our proven track record and market leadership in set-top box technologies, Next’s IPTV family enables solution providers to tailor a wide range of services with Broadcom-enabled IPTV platforms. Broadcom’s hybrid IPTV solutions deliver complementary, streamlined feature sets for mid-range and thin client applications, supporting single or multi-room TV delivery and distribution. With both media server and thin client devices using Broadcom’s chip family, STB manufacturers can leverage a common hardware and software architecture, accelerating time-to-market for multi-room solutions.


How Next Technologies IPTV System can make a difference:

The core of Next Technologies solutions is our IPTV middleware system, the most comprehensive management and publishing solution currently available. But the reason why it can turn you from an average operator into a highly successful one, is that we have picked the best partners to complete our offer and provide you with top-notch products:

  • Transcoders – HLS standard transcoders tightly integrated with our middleware for seamless global content distribution
  • Content distribution network– superior network of supercharged points of presence with massive computing and caching power for blazing fast IPTV delivery
  • User interfaces & apps– multi-device integration with STB, iPad, iPhone, Android GoogleTV, WebTV. Deliver or build your own HTML5 based apps
  • Set-top boxes – full integration with the best STB’s on the market for a superior customer experience.

Now if you think that high quality comes at a high price, Next Technologies IPTV system may surprise you. We offer our solution in a license program with very low ongoing cost and initial investment. In addition, you can easily manage it from one central web-based console. So if you are ready to take your IPTV service to the next level, come to Next Technologies.