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Next Technologies Media Solution s is a technology solution inspired by world class digital media  and committed to providing to our clients with measurable results through highly optimized mobile, web, and TV and outdoor contents solutions. We are made up of a team of digital marketing experts who have come together to provide our clients with results to grow their business.

Media is undergoing a dramatic transformation with print sales in decline and multi-platform digital content rapidly becoming the preferred medium of consumption. With revenues constantly being eroded, Next Technologies has developed a suite of products that allow publishers to both reclaim and reinvent their business models.

Next Technologies solution are cross-platform and include world leading technologies that allow publishers to expand existing content distribution channels and generate new advertising revenue streams. Used by over 40 publishing companies worldwide, Next’s media solutions are based on one scaleable, modular platform that automates production, delivers significant cost reductions and improves margins.



Simplify the preparation of online media with transcoding, digital rights management, and dynamic packaging

Next’s cloud-based media processing offers high quality content preparation to reach the growing array of video devices through an efficient turnkey media solution within a secure and open media workflow. Next’s Media Services include one-stop content preparation and packaging for multiple platforms, a customizable media player, and content protection technologies. Available for both live and on-demand media workflows, and complemented by CloudStorage, Media Services tie in smoothly with Next’s Content Delivery solutions for superior quality video streaming and viewing experiences.

Key Benefits

  • Get high-immediacy content to market faster with an end-to-end content preparation workflow
  • Advanced player technology to improve the viewer experience
  • Support multiple devices, browser types, and formats from a single source via cloud-based video transcoding and packaging
  • Protect content with an MPAA-certified Digital Rights Management (DRM) enabled workflow
  • Work flexibly elements from partners and integrate cloud services into your streaming media platform easily with open APIs
  • Responsive contents that can fit any display/output device (ie: Mobile/Tablet/TV/Laptop/Desktop/Display board).
  • Broadcast same contents to Internet/TV/Outdoor or over Mobile.
  • Centralized control with seamless contents display.


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    VMware, HDS, Oracle
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    Oracle Systems
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    Next Media
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    Oracle 11g
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    Oracle LDOM