Electronic Toll Management (ETC)

The Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) System is a new toll system designed to enhance convenience for drivers by enabling cashless toll collection and thus mitigating congestion at expressway tollgates. Tolls are automatically collected via wireless communication between an antenna installed on the tollgate, and on-board equipment. It enables simple and speedy payment by allowing drivers to pass through tollgates without stopping to pay.

Next’s presents the most advanced and accurate Electronic Toll Collection system. Our team is carefully crafted from having implemented the most robust ETC solutions in APAC. Powered with the most secure and best RFID solutions that adhered to ISO 18000 6C – the Next’s ETC solution brings simplicity to the solution provided along with our quality and reliability.

We provide multiple modes of ETC

  • Dedicated ETC
  • A proven robust ETC solution that works for all configurations
  • A reliable RFID hardware configuration that is compliant to SO 18000 6C – the new age standard
  • Design, Supply, Implementation, Support, Training and AMC/Warranty for all ETC configurations
  • Migration services – moving from manual or older ETC technology to newer ETC technologies
  • Experience of various ETC implementations globally and in the region for High Speed ETC (pass through)

Our Toll solution also call “Touch ‘n Go” (Smart card Payment System) and SmartTAG (non-stop Electronic Toll Collection) through internal research and development has revolutionized ASIA transportation system, secure access, revenues collection and integrated smart control at all major expressways, parking, public transportation services and commercial buildings.

With 7 years proven track record in 4 countries, 1400 expressways lanes, 90 parking and secure access sites, over 16 experienced personnel our Touch ‘n Go hallmark as in ASIA foremost ICT innovator, enhancing values of life for over 5 million users in Asia.