Transport Solution:

GPS-based Taxicab Management System

A vital component in the success of any taxi business is efficient communication between the back office and the drivers.  In the past, a reliance on manual radio dispatching meant that this communication was slow and inefficient.

Faced with the challenges associated with this out dated technology, our customer wanted to propel their business forward by adopting an entirely new dispatching and tracking system that would allow them to increase efficiency, customer service and above all revenue.

Here’s a little bit about the challenges they were faced with and the solutions they adopted in order to achieve their goals.

  • Challenges
  • Solution
  • End Result

We were looking to expand our business into a solution that can help and contribute to our social community.  So we decided to improve our Taxi solution in the ASIA market space but due to technology we were preventing this from becoming a reality.

With the manual radio dispatching system they consistently operated at less than 50% occupancy. They wanted to increase that to 85%

Our Taxi solution once implemented the IntelliFleet automated dispatching and tracking solution in their 200 vehicle fleet

The solution included rugged in-vehicle computers which were connected to the dispatch system in the office. These in-vehicle computers include instant credit card payment facility.

As a result of implementing this system, Next’s Solution benefited from the following improvements to their operation:

  • Automated dispatching and tracking system allows more trips to be handled per day.
  • Increased productivity due to decreased friction between office and drivers.
  • Drivers are able to earn 25-40% more revenue each day.
  • Fairer trip distribution for drivers.
  • Increase in the accuracy of communication delivered to customers.
  • Issues with customer complaints reduced.




Taxi is the one of the industry that can boost the economy in our country. Mostly of the passenger that the taxi driver carried is the foreigner and tourist. Case have occurred in our country is the passenger rob the taxi driver or the taxi driver kidnapped the passenger, this situation will drop down the image of our society. Beside this, the bad driving habit of the taxi driver such as over speeding can bring the danger to the life of the passenger and the road user. With using our advanced GPS Tracking System and platform, we can easily know about the driving situation of the vehicle.


  • The precise data of entire journey will let us clear about such as time, date, position(longitude and latitude), address, speed, altitude, direction, alarm type and many more.
  • When facing emergency such as been hijacked, using mobile phone calling for rescue is the impossible matter. Our advanced GPS Tracking System contain the SOS button, we can easily press the button when emergency happened and our 24/7 Command Center will be ready to find the best way to solve this situation.
  • We can know whether the taxi is over speeding or not, when is the taxi driver over speeding and the location where the taxi is speeding through our system. Every report can convert to a document. This will reduce the unnecessary costs of the taxi company such as speeding ticket.
  • We can check every driving distance and route with our system. The kilometers of journey and the driving route will show in the report data. With this report, we can know whether the taxi driver is follow the driving route or not so that it can reduce the unnecessary costs such the passenger charge.
  • Our system can lock vehicle by remotely, the vehicle engine will automatically turn off through the command of our 24/7 Command Center. For example, when the taxi driver is being rob, he can press the SOS button, the incharge person of taxi company can require our Command Center to lock the vehicle (*Terms and Condition Applied).