Oracle M5000 Server

Oracle M5000 Server

Oracle’s mid-range SPARC Enterprise M5000 server delivers leading reliability, flexibility, and binary compatibility in a value-priced server by combining the power of Oracle Solaris operating system with RAS features traditionally found on mainframe-class systems. Built on the latest quad-core SPARC64 VII/VII+ or dual-core SPARC64 VI processor, the SPARC Enterprise M5000 server provides enterprise-class service levels for medium-to-large databases, scientific and engineering applications, and consolidation / virtualisation projects.

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Oracle M5000 Server

Uniquely protect IT investments with the SPARC Enterprise M5000 servers. Oracle offers no forklift upgrades and you can mix and match different speeds/generations of SPARC64 processors in existing and new M-series servers. Benefit from Oracle’s long term SPARC Enterprise road map and “future-proof” investments with the SPARC Enterprise M5000 server. What’s more, many mainframe class RAS features come standard in the SPARC Enterprise M5000 server, including automatic recovery with instruction retry, up to 512 GB of system memory with error-correcting code (ECC) protection and extended ECC support, guaranteed data path integrity, total SRAM and register protection, and configurable memory mirroring. Plus, the disks, power supply, and fans are redundant and hot-swappable, and the I/O cards are hot-swappable as well.
To enhance flexibility, the SPARC Enterprise M5000 server supports up to four Dynamic Domains CPU board-level domains for large, mission-critical workloads that depend on maximum isolation, and single-socket-level domains for finer granularity with high isolation. For additional flexibility, each system can support thousands of Oracle Solaris Containers, which enable a single Oracle Solaris 10 instance to support many isolated execution environments.
Only Oracle legally assures investment protection with Oracle Solaris with 100% binary compatibility for the past 15 years and counting. The SPARC Enterprise M5000 server is preinstalled with Oracle Solaris 10. Oracle Solaris 10 also delivers revolutionary features, including Dynamic Tracing (DTrace), Oracle Solaris ZFS, crypto- graphic infrastructures, IP filter, and User and Process Rights Management.

Technical Specification:
Part No. 035991
Manufacturer Sun Oracle
Rack Units 10 U
Height 440 mm
Width 444 mm
Depth 810 mm
Weight [Kg] 125.00
CPU Socket(s) 8
Compatible CPU(s) SPARC64 VII+;
Max CPU Clk Spd 2.66 GHz (VII+); 2.53 GHz (VII); 2.15 GHz (VI)
CPU Cache L1: 64 KB;
L2: 11 MB;
Max # Thread(s) 64
Max # Core(s) 24
Memory Slot(s) 64
Memory Capacity 256 GB
Drive Bays 4x 2.5″ SAS Boot Disks
Capacity 2.4 TB
Supported OS Oracle Solaris 10 (10/09) or later. (VII+);
Oracle Solaris 10 (08/07) or later. (VII);
Oracle Solaris 10 (11/06) or later. (VI)
PCI Slot(s) 4x PCIe Slots;
1x PCI-X Slot
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