Purestorage 420

Pure Storage Flash Arry

All-flash enterprise storage for less than the
cost of spinning disk

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FlashReduce Data Reduction

Essential for a cost-effective flash array.

5-10x reduction

graphic showing the strength of dedupe

We want you to enjoy not managing your storage.

PureStorage Simplicity graphs

Seeing is believing.

Take the FlashArray for a virtual spin.


Watch the GUI demo

The easiest storage for VMware. Period.

100% flash performance with 0% SAN pain.

100% automated datastore creation.

Traditional SAN provisioning is a pain: LUNs, WWNs, RAID, IOPS calculations…I never wanted to be a storage admin! Pure Storage automates it all in a single-screen wizard, creating a new datastore is as easy as 1) name, 2) size, and 3) host/cluster…all the hard work is done automatically in the background!

Fully-managed within the vSphere Web Client.

VI Admins live in the world of vCenter, and now FlashArray fits right in to your daily workflow. Create, grow, or delete datastores. Drill-in to datastore capacity, seeing real storage consumption through dedupe and compression. Understand datastore performance: IOPS, latency, and bandwidth. See the complete datastore – SAN mapping (not that you should care!).

  • Virtualization
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Protect and Recover

Virtualize and Consolidate Workloads.

• Easily accommodate the most IO-hungry Tier 1 workloads.
• Increase consolidation rates, reducing servers.
• Simplify VI administration and accelerate common administrative tasks.

• Support demanding users with better performance than physical desktops.
• Scale without disruption from pilot to >1000’s of users.
• Experience all-flash performance for under $100/desktop.

 • Provide an always-on global protection for business-critical data.
• Maintain performance, even under failure conditions.
• Recover instantly with FlashRecover.


Background Goodbye

Say Goodbye.

To entire disciplines of legacy array management.

  • Goodbye
    RAID management.

    So long RAID-5/6 vs. RAID-10 trade-offs. No more capacity and IOPS calculations. No more grouping disks, managing spares or day-long parity rebuilds. The FlashArray is automatically protected with dual-parity or better RAID-3D. Create volumes and go.

  • Goodbye
    performance tuning.

    Where is the bottleneck? Host ports? Cache utilization? Director utilization? Back-end loops? Disk head contention? The FlashArray was designed to eliminate physical contention and associated tuning headaches—one large LUN performs identically to 1000 small LUNs.

  • Goodbye
    tiering and caching.

    Flash tier. Disk tier. Controller cache sizing. Data movement policies. Cache hit rates. Sizing calculations. Forget it all! Get the same great flash performance at low cost for all your data with the FlashArray.

  • Goodbye
    host / array block alignment.

    The database writes on 32K block boundaries, the VM is aligned to 8K page sizes, and the storage array likes 4K blocks…wait, does that work? Pure Storage’s 512- byte virtualization chunk size means none of that matters. Pick any host and application block size and get outstanding performance.

  • Goodbye

    Sick of compensating for head contention via short-stroking your drives to less than 50% capacity? Sick of provisioning and powering 10s of GBs of extra DRAM to try to avoid waiting on mechanical storage? There has to be a better way. And there is.

  • Goodbye
    virtualization management.

    It feels like virtualization in legacy arrays was just grafted-on: virtual pools, aggregates, hypers, metas, chunklets…enough already. Pure Storage provides one big pool, with all your storage. Create volumes and go.


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